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Chilliwack, BC

The Tiber is a mechanical timepiece, inspired by the functionally elegant dive watches of the 1950s and 1960s.

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90% funded after 6 days!

Scott Bakker

Hi again to our visitors and our awesome Kickstarter backers!

90% funded - I think we've officially reached "so close you can taste it" status.  I wanted to say again how grateful I am for your support in the past few days - it's really been a whirlwind and I can't wait to get this thing started!  If you haven't found the Kickstarter campaign yet, it's here: Tiber Kickstarter Campaign

As you know, we're working hard on figuring out some stretch goals beyond the NATO straps at $70,000.  The two leading contenders at present are a steel bracelet of some variety or a curved sapphire crystal (although it seems the bracelet is in the lead on this).  I've discussed this with the factory and both are feasible, so samples should be en route shortly.

Finally, I wanted to ask all of you again to throw this out there on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, smoke signals - whatever you've got!  The more people who know, the more chance that we can reach those awesome stretch goals and send out not just an awesome watch, but an awesome experience for each and every one of you.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch and ask questions or address any concerns you might have.  I'm checking in (at the very least) daily and usually 3-4 times per day, so I'll get to any questions ASAP.



Welcome to River Watch Co!

Scott Bakker

Hi, and thanks for coming! 

My name is Scott, and I'm the guy behind River Watch Company. I want to introduce myself and give you a chance to understand who we are, what we plan to do, and why we're doing it.

I'm a watch enthusiast and have been for years. About a year ago now, I was looking through my own watch box and thinking about vintage watches – sleek diving watches from the '50s and '60s, wonderful art deco examples from the '20s and '30s, robust military field models from the '70s and so on.

I love looking at these beautiful old machines, but they have several problems for a collector. First, they can be very expensive – examples in good condition can cost thousands. And although some companies are producing some faithful reproductions, these too can cost a lot of money. Second, with age, no matter how well preserved, comes fragility – seals break down over time, water resistance is lost, and if something breaks, parts can be very hard to find.

My family (my wife, and my young sons in a supporting role) felt that with time and energy, we could bring you something different – a watch with modern amenities, like a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, excellent water resistance, brilliant luminescent detailing and a modern, very reliable movement, but recalling some of that fantastic style that makes vintage watches so highly valued.

So, we put together the Tiber diver, our first offering - a modern automatic watch with ageless styling that works well for men and for women, for sport and for dress, and offers surprising value. Our goal is to bring this (and others!) to you at an affordable price, with incredible specifications and excellent customer service.

We hope that you like what you see. We can't wait for the next step in the history of the River Watch Company!